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With fascinating history, vibrant indigenous cultures, and art and artisans of all kinds, Alaska is a dream destination for culture lovers. On any given day you might catch a live theater or dance performance, meet local artists, or learn how traditional lifestyles have evolved to work in the contemporary world. Scroll down to begin exploring, or use the menu below to get more specific.

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We buy beers for their labels–don’t you? Here are some of our favorite Alaska beers with some of our favorite beer labels. Three local designers shared with us what’s behind their designs. Arkose Brewery Label Designer: June Gertesein ( Owning Arkose Brewery in Palmer with her husband means June Gertesein has complete freedom to design […]

Jamie Gonzales | March 28, 2017

Summer 2015. Southcentral Alaska. The road north passes through familiar scenery: hay flats near Palmer, lakes by Wasilla, scattered homes and businesses and forest in between. Then somewhere around Willow, the landscape changed. Greenery gave way to black. We were driving to Denali State Park for a family camping trip alongside Byers Lake; a route […]

Kirsten Swann | March 27, 2017

Kodiak Island is hard on buildings. Wood rots. Metal rusts. Rain finds the leaks. Freight is expensive. People here reuse for economy and practicality, like the shipping containers repurposed as storage sheds and offices around town. Sometimes the act of adapting what’s available leads to interesting spaces and design. For the few months it was […]

Jamie Gonzales |

Spenard Road has always attracted an off-kilter attitude to match its meandering path. In the city grid, Spenard stands out. Now, thanks to a $3 million grant from ArtPlace America, the area has grown even more colorful. Just check out the Church of Love marquee for proof; stitched in strips of neon polar fleece, it’s […]

Jamie Gonzales |

Ben Ellis has always loved to design clothes. He’s been designing them all his life—he just didn’t know it. His earliest recollections involve fashion. He remembers pulling out a fresh sheet of paper and crayons, drawing his favorite superheroes and adorning their suits and capes with pops of color. The Alaska fashion designer recently showed […]

Catalina Dengel |

Known nationwide as the tiny house movement, the desire to go small and portable has recently made its way to Alaska.

Catalina Dengel |

When you think about food in the 49th state, you might think about wild game, fresh fish, traditional Alaska Native favorites or tundra staples like Sailor Boy pilot bread. But for those living with food allergies, blood-sugar issues and other conditions, Alaska culinary culture can be hard to stomach. Ingredients like milk or wheat flour […]

Kirsten Swann | November 14, 2016

It’s the middle of a busy day on the job and the clock says it’s time for lunch, but what to eat: the box of crackers stashed in a filing cabinet or the microwaveable cup of instant noodles that has been in the breakroom since day one? The phenomenon of the “Sad Desk Lunch” is […]

Nina Wladkowski |

  Dan Schwartz and Alison Arians wake up at 4 a.m. to bake tomorrow’s bread. On a floured cutting table in their bakery sits a mound of tawny-colored mix, speckled with pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, from which the duo pulls deflated spheres of sourdough. Handful after handful, they roll and shape the orbs and […]

Bailey Berg |

Jason Esler removes his cap, wipes his brow and surveys the fresh mound of potato peels, watermelon rinds, crushed zucchini, tomatoes and other various food scraps he’s just dumped into a hole. The stocky blonde with two shaggy shoulder-length braids takes a minute to catch his breath, look down from the heap with a satisfied […]

Catalina Dengel |

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