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An Alaska adventure doesn’t have to be rough-and-tumble. Whether you stick to the city or venture into the backcountry, you’ll find high-end options ready to cater to your every need. Scroll down to explore luxury lodges, spas, shopping, fine dining and more, or use the options below to further narrow your selection.

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Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a winter soiree among friends, a delicious meal in a beautiful atmosphere can warm up a cold, dark Alaska night. Hosting a meal complete with multiple courses and a beautiful centerpiece may sound daunting, but with a little planning and creativity you’ll easily create a feast for […]

Nina Wladkowski | March 27, 2017

From web designer to coder to exhibition designer, Alex France is a shapeshifter. Alex created the cover illustration for this issue of 61°North, talked with us about her design style.

Catalina Dengel |

Ben Ellis has always loved to design clothes. He’s been designing them all his life—he just didn’t know it. His earliest recollections involve fashion. He remembers pulling out a fresh sheet of paper and crayons, drawing his favorite superheroes and adorning their suits and capes with pops of color. The Alaska fashion designer recently showed […]

Catalina Dengel |

The Alaska kitchen is a problematic space. Kitchens tend to be the room where families, friends and guests gather to share food and conversation—but many Anchorage kitchens are too dark, too cramped and often oddly shaped.

Catalina Dengel |

  A Frenched rack is created when a butcher cuts the fat and minimal meat from around the rib bones, leaving them exposed. Racks cut this way can usually be found at a local grocery store, but don’t hesitate to ask the butcher if there aren’t any in sight. Celery root and parsnip infuse a […]

Nina Wladkowski | March 24, 2017

Golden beets can be a bit tricky to find, but their color bursts off the plate when mixed with the red radicchio. Roast the beets with their skin on, as it slips off more easily once roasted by simply rubbing the vegetable down with your hands or a paper towel. The mild flavor of Gorgonzola […]

Nina Wladkowski |

  Impress everyone with this brilliant red tart. A twist on traditional cranberry preparations, this curd is rich and sweet. The hazelnut crust pairs perfectly with the fruit and dark chocolate adds a lasting, lingering memory that will endure long after leaving the table. Cranberry Curd Tart with Hazelnut Crust Serves: 6-8 Time: 1 hour, […]

Nina Wladkowski |

IN THIS ISSUE: Date Night in Old Russia by J. Besl I’ll Have What Harding’s Having by Kirsten Swann Let Them Eat Naan by Elin Johnson Seeds of Change by Bailey Berg Feast for the Senses by Jamie Gonzales Trash Talk by Catalina Dengel SPONSORED: Sea to Table by Bailey Berg, for Alaska Native Tribal […]

Jamie Gonzales | November 14, 2016

Elissa Brown’s cookbook is a mess. Not because it’s blemished with ingredients, but because it’s really more a scientific logbook than step-by-step instructions. Her pages read more like mad scientist scribbles—many of the recipes have annotations, percentages for various trials, equations and notes about controlling the variables in her experiments. Though they don’t make much […]

Bailey Berg | August 28, 2016

IN THIS ISSUE: Fire in the Belly by Jody Ellis The Safest Theatre on 4th Ave. by Jamie Gonzales Marvelous Marv by Kirsten Swann Splashing Color ‘n’ Love on Walls by Rejoy Armamento SPONSORED: When the Circus Comes to Town by Bailey Berg, for Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Shades of Gray by Kirsten Swann […]

Jamie Gonzales |

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